YGL Amazon Resilience Journey 2021

Dearest Friends,

I am so excited to share our upcoming YGL Amazon Resilience Journey with you! 

We will be going to the heart of Mother Earth and will connect in so many ways - to ourselves, each other, and our miraculous planet! I look forward to the many discoveries we will share as we experience this adventure together. 

With much love and anticipation,

Julia Novy

YGL 2010

Julia Novy is Professor of the Practice and Executive Director of Stanford’s Change Leadership for Sustainability Program, as well as Founder and CEO of Resilience in Action. She has 25 years’ experience leading non-profit and philanthropic organizations, where she has designed and scaled entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges that integrate economic, social, and environmental objectives. A Fulbright and Marshall Scholar, Julia speaks French, Spanish and Kiswahili, and has lived and worked extensively in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

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Kurt Holle

YGL 2009

Kurt Holle co-founded Rainforest Expeditions (RFE) in Peru in 1992. In partnership with the Ese'Eja community, RFE has co-developed and co-manages several eco-lodges, supports local sustainable livelihoods, and contributes to protecting more than 1 million hectares of primary forest from illegal logging and gold mining. Julia shared her vision for resilience journeys in the Peruvian Amazon with Kurt, and since then they have collaborated to bring YGLs to RFE’s lodges. Kurt is currently Country Director for World Wildlife Fund in Peru.


Reflections on the Journey from YGLs

Nolan Watson
President & CEO of Sandstorm Gold Ltd
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"For me, the Resilience Journey came at the perfect time. One week after I returned, my company ran into substantial challenges with one of our assets and the market value of our company dropped 40% in a matter of days. That same week, one of my key employees left. 

Because of the Resilience Journey, I dealt with these challenges in stride and was much more resilient than I otherwise would have been. Because of the Resilience Journey, I was eating better, working out daily, sleeping more regularly, focusing more diligently on cultivating important relationships and despite the stress and economic downturn, I felt better than I had in years. 

The market in our industry is currently terrible; however, we are operating with a resilient attitude and we have substantial cash resources so we are going to use this period as an opportunity to acquire assets and grow. Since my return, my team's enthusiasm has increased substantially. One of my investors said to me, 'Nolan - I have been talking to you for years and I have never heard you so enthusiastic about the future.' That investor then proceeded to invest millions of dollars in our company the same day. 

When I returned from the Resilience Journey, one of my close friends who is very candid with me said, 'You seem pretty excited now, we'll see how you feel in a month.'

It has now been three months and things haven't worn off."

Hrund Gunnsteindottir Filmaker
hrund headshot.jpeg

"It is truly an amazing trip to Peru, with outstanding guides and leadership of Julia Novy at Stanford University.

I went there with my family, 8 and 12 year old daughters and husband, and it was a once in a lifetime experience. 

It was adventurous, fun, with a great group of people and very educational when it comes to the ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest, how it translates into our everyday lives and leadership journeys and how we can take lessons to heart and work wherever we are. 

It really summed up how our lives are integral to that of thriving nature. It not only brought out the stark reality of climate change and politics of how we use natural resources, it also inspired us in so many ways. Getting an insight into how the Rainforest Expedition Lodges co-work with the Ese'Eja local community of indigenous peoples was another highlight - made us feel everything is possible and not only that the time is always right to do stuff we dream of, but we have so many options of doing things more holistically and constructively than we do now.

It challenged us, sleeping in eco-friendly designed lodges, with only three walls (one open to the rainforest) and we really felt the power of nature! My daughters loved all the animals we saw and exploring the logic of how everything works together in the ecosystem. Climbing trees and hanging out with monkeys was a thrilling experience!"

Nina Rodin
nina headshot.jpeg

"So happy to hear the next resilience journey is happening!! David just commented that it is easily the best trip we have ever done as a family. And I have to agree. The most memorable ever and the one most often referred to around the diner table."