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Book Your Flights!

International Flights:  

Please plan to arrive in Lima, Peru on or before Saturday, November 20th, preferably in time for our Welcome Dinner at approximately 6:30 PM. You may depart on the 27th late in the evening, or the early morning of the 28th (most international flights to the U.S. and Europe depart at 11 PM, midnight, or 1 AM).


Domestic Flights:

We are asking everyone to book the following domestic flights. Let us know if you have any problems. Go to LATAM airlines:


Nov 21:

LATAM Peru LA 2573:  Lima to Puerto Maldonado (also called Padre Aldamiz), Departs 9:00 a.m., Arrives 10:40 a.m.


Nov 27: 

LATAM Peru LA 2074 Puerto Maldonado to Lima (via Cuzco), Depart 13:20, Arrives Lima 16:05 (after a stop in Cuzco at 14:09)


For those doing a Machu Picchu or other extension:

LATAM 2074 stops in Cuzco, so you would get off there (or take an alternative flight as long as it departs after LA 2074 from Puerto Maldonado), and then get back to Lima for your international departure. 

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