Where We're Staying

Immerse yourself in personal reflection and dialogue with fellow YGLs as we explore concepts of resilience and happiness in the heart of the Amazon rain forest. 

Nights 1-4

After a night in Lima, Peru, we will take a short, morning flight to Puerto Maldonado and journey by boat up the Tambopata River to Tambopata Research Center, nestled in the most pristine part of the reserve.

There, we will learn from scientists about research priorities, visit the famous macaw clay lick at dawn, and share sunset cruises and night hikes, discovering the fascinating life history of the wing-clawed hoatzins and perhaps meeting wild peccaries and pumas.  We will begin to develop our own resilience practices.


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Nights 5 & 6

We will venture by boat back down the river to Posada Amazonas.

For three days, we will explore the rain forest by foot, kayak and riverboat - looking for giant otters, capybaras, toucans, monkeys and the elusive jaguar.  We will spend time with Ese'Eja leaders, and learn about conservation and development strategies, social enterprises, and customary practices. We will continue to apply what we learn to strengthen our own resilience practices.